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We master manufacture of some parts for instrumentation the assemblies applied to an oil and gas production. Parts are made of new specially designed hard alloy СН8.


Physicomechanical properties of alloy СН8:

Camber                    180÷190 kgs/мм2

Crimp                      500÷520 kgs/мм2

К1с                               13 mPa m1/2 

Hardness                          88÷90 HRA

Density                       14,6÷14,8 g/sm3

Thermal conductivity         95÷105 w/µº C


A hard-alloy friction pairs for face seals, hard-alloy bearings, hard-alloy sleeve bearings are used in high-speed (10000 rpm and above) the submersible pumping units plants (in structure of pump, the input modulus, a hydroprotection, the electric motor, a gas separator), immersion submersible pumps intended for supply edge water with the contents of hard spots more than 2 g/l from oil-wells.

Applying of hard alloys in wearing members of various pump plants makes a construction high-reliable in maintenance and provides a resource of operation not less than 30000 hours.

Твердосплавная втулка вала защитная
Твердосплавная вставка
Твердосплавные втулки подшипников

Твердосплавные торцевые уплотнительные кольца

The hard-alloy defensive sleeve of the shaft

Button insert

Hard-alloy sleeves of bearing boxes

Hard-alloy face cups

Hard-alloy bearing

Твердосплавная втулка вала защитная
Твердосплавная вставка
Твердосплавные втулки подшипников

Твердосплавная опора


For a complete set of a valving, flaps of air engines, hydraulic pumps hard-alloy pairs a plunger-seat, a setting ball-seat are tendered.

hard-alloy plunger

Hard-alloy plunger

Hard-alloy seat

On-gaugely they are made of hard alloy of grades ВК8 and ВК20, but can be produced of hard alloy of the customer’s request.

Hard-alloy seat

Hard-alloy pairs setting ball-seat

Hard-alloy pairs ball-seat

Hard-alloy pairs a setting ball-seat for flaps of air engines and hydraulic pumps.


All workpieces are made under drawings of the customer according to his requirements.

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